phil on ice 1
On the ice in 2018 at Cook’s Bay, Lake Minnetonka. XL250 in a Champion frame

1975 yamaha 400mx 1
Another ice bike. 1975 Yamaha 400MX

As of October 2022, I am 80 years old. I live in Mound, Minnesota. My background is advertising. I started flat track racing when I was 29 in 1971. My last race was in 2012—got a First. I don’t race any more but I ride dirt and ice. For eight years I was a race promoter.

My head is full of information after 50 years. Since 1980, I’ve been offering race style kits for 650 Yamahas and Sportsters, plus dirt track and café stuff—mostly fiberglass parts. My companies were/are Omar’s Dirt Track Racing and I am a total bike builder like you. Take a peek at some of my builds.

My KL Build

This is my KL250A from 1978. I will send reports when I have newsworthy progress to share. This one’s gonna be a far out MX style custom which may give you ideas.


You can see I borrowed heavily from the KXs at the time. Lots of lime green. I took the shielding off the pipe to make it more racey. Found some old 13” Red Wing shocks and painted them to match the fork gaiters. Gotta have a silver swing arm like the newer KLs. Used the side panels and rear fender I make. Don’t ask about the enduro number plate-that was a one off. Made the entire seat which is narrowed and lowered for a slimmer look.

phils kl250 5 phils kl250 6 phils kl250 3 phils kl250 4

Got questions, call 952-607-6063.

11/22/21 Report

Finally after months, I have finished the molds for the seat base and the KL rear fender. I will begin making parts very soon. I will make fenders in white, KL red and KL blue.

If one of you has a sample of the KL blue color I’d like it. If for example, you have an old blue fender, I could scan its color and return it to you on my dime. Call 952-607-6063, my cell. Thanks.

7/26/21 Report

This is my new pattern for the KL fender. I’m going to produce an MX style fender just like this. If you want a stock fender or will use a rack, I will cut out all the holes for taillight, etc. If you want a MX style rear fender, I will supply a taillight/brake light like this...

KL tail light

Eventually I’ll offer a side mount license plate holder so your rear will have a cleaner look. If I can engineer it to fold-in whilst on the trail, I will.

7/13/21 Report

This is the latest on the KL seat base for an KX MX style seat. This is the finished seat base pattern. Next I’ll make a mold from it and then begin making bases. From the base, I’ll form the foam then it’s off to the upholsterer.

KL seat base

2/9/21 Report

I am now working on building a new KL seat base for an MX style seat that I’ll offer owners instead of the wide stock KL saddles. I am also building patterns for both side covers. I will have them molded in a tough ABS-like plastic. The right cover will come with insulation so it won’t melt like the stock covers did. I’m not sure what colors to make them. Maybe you can suggest a color or colors. I will make them in Kawasaki lime green for sure.

Also in the works are rear fenders. One like stock, the other a smooth MX-like version. That one will come with a small taillight and I’ll offer a side license plate mount, too.

KL seat base progress, right side KL seat base progress closeup

I blundered

I inadvertently purchased a Chinese chain for my KL - a really bad decision from the get-go. The links kinked out of the box. The tolerances were imprecise and the master link was hard to install. Stupidly I just ordered 520 chain. I had to shorten it to 96 links. I spent two hours futzing and cut it too short. Go buy a good Japanese DID 520 x 96 link chain or other recognized brand. I am stupid so you can be smart.

KL chain kinks