On this page I want to show customer KLs and photos my site readers have sent me.

Clive Colman from the UK has a spec ’78 KL

He said, "I have a long history with this bike. First bought one for $334 (£250) around 1983. Sold it in 2001 for $867 (£650), it only had 3500 miles on it. It came up for sale at an auction in February this year. I had to pay $2536 (£1,900) to get it back. Now has 7000 miles on it. Still on original exhaust! The shocks are horrible aftermarket ones and I don't think they are the right length. Could you tell me what length the original shocks are from top mount to bottom mount centers?"

I told Clive 13". I hope I'm right because that's what my supplier sold me as a replacement. Clive also asks if you (my site viewers) might have metal sump bash guard to sell him. If you do, contact Clive Colman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

KL rear quarter view KL front quarter view
Clive’s bike. I love the color.

Robert Swift from Tonasket, WA

Rob said, "I’ve had this bike for about 5 years but plan to keep it as long as I can keep riding it."

Rob’s bike looks like it's unmolested and in almost original condition--look, the right side cover and exhaust system are intact. The only "add" I see are the fork gators--smart idea, it prolongs the life of fork seals. By the Washington terrain in the background, it looks like a perfect KL riding area. Thanks for contacting me Rob and connecting with other KLers. (Rob when you say "long as I can keep riding it" it sounds you are getting on like the rest of us. Good on ya.)

KL rear quarter view