More than a seller's website

A forum without passwords.
I will provide your email to share with others (with your approval.) That way you can do a gang email with searches and stuff to sell.

A technical resource.
I will share with you what I’ve learned and you can share your knowledge.

And I will sell hard-to-find parts.

Send me your email address. I want to build a network of KL owners around the world. In time, it will be an easy way to buy, sell and share information with other KLers.

KKLO was founded for a simple reason

In the process of building a 1978 KL250, I found parts difficult to find. I’m pretty good at sourcing parts from various suppliers--and think I can save other KL builders a lot of search time by providing a website with just KL stuff. And I think I can save you money. Let’s see. I attempting to find and sell parts at the lowest possible price but some parts are more expensive like carb manifolds. It is imprudent to spend a gob of money on a classic KL because they aren’t worth much on the resale market. The highest price I’ve seen was a pristine KL in Europe that sold for $2,500. I will avoid ordering parts from mainland Chinese because I don’t like their quality or politics. Products from Taiwan are fine-they’re capitalists and care about quality.

NADA price guide for 1978 KL250A1 (as of 5/2020)

Excellent $2,065, [super low miles, pristine condition]
Very good $1,350
Good $820
Fair $405
Poor Don’t buy unless you want a rat rider, the rebuild cost would exceed $2000